Satellite Awards:

Each year the International Press Academy (IPA) honors artistic excellence in the areas of Motion Pictures, Television, Radio, and New Media via the Satellite® Awards.

During the ceremony, the IPA presents Satellite Awards to the best of the entertainment industry in comprehensive categories for Film, Television, DVD and New Media, often choosing the winners that will be seen in other awards show in January and February.  In addition, every year we present three special achievement awards.

IPA member journalists from around the world vote in designated categories on their ballot.

After the final votes are tallied, nominees are selected in 31 categories for Film (19) and Television (12). There are seven (7) categories for outstanding DVD’s and five (5) categories for Outstanding Video Games.  Separate committees handle each award category.

Past award recipients include Reese Witherspoon, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Felicity Huffman, Charlize Theron, Shirley MacLaine, Halle Berry, Russell Crowe, William H. Macy, James Woods, Edward Norton, Nicole Kidman, Dakota Fanning, Ewan McGregor, and many other stars from film and television.

Special Achievement Awards:

The Mary Pickford Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution to the Entertainment Industry.

Past recipients include Michael York, Susan Sarandon, Robert Evans, Alan J. Pakula, Arnon Milchan, Martin Landau, Kathy Bates, Louis Gossett, Jr., Rod Steiger, Jodie Foster, Francis Ford Coppola, Maximillian Schell, Karl Malden, Robert Evans, Gena Rowlands, Vanessa Williams, Mitzi Gaynor and Terence Stamp.

The Mary Pickford Award is cast in museum-quality bronze and reflects Pickford’s portrait at the height of her career in film. It is engraved with the recipient’s name and year honored.

The Nikola Tesla Award in Recognition of Visionary Achievements in Filmmaking Technology.

The previous winners are George Lucas, James Cameron, Jerry Lewis, Richard Donner, Dennis Muren, Roger Deakins, Rick Baker, Stan Winston, Robert A. Harris, Douglas Trumbull and Walter Murch.

The Nikola Tesla Award is a museum-quality bust of the inventor cast in bronze, on a marble base, inscribed for the recipient.

The Auteur Award

The Auteur Award, which was introduced in 2005 and presented to George Clooney, recognizes individual voices of filmmakers and their personal impact on the industry. IPA Auteur awards have been given to Paul Williams, Peter Bogdanovich, Baz Luhrmann, Julian Schnabel, Alex Gibney, and Robert Altman.

The Auteur Award takes the form of a Satellite Award designated for Special Achievement, with the recipient’s name and year engraved on the base.

The Humanitarian Award

The Humanitarian Award, like the Auteur Award, is also a specially designated Satellite Award reflecting special achievement.

Unlike the Satellite Award statuettes, which are decided by the voting membership, these prestigious Special Achievement Awards are selected each year by the IPA President and Board Members.