Entry Forms

ALL Entry Forms for the 21st Annual Satellite Awards™ are available. There is NO FEE to submit your projects for consideration. The IPA just requests that you fill out forms completely and accurately.

  • Deadlines for 2016 are listed on the forms, and Eligibility Requirements follow below.
  • Entry Forms for this year’s Satellite™ Awards are available to download here.
  • Please complete the appropriate entry form (TYPE or PRINT) and mail to:
The International Press Academy
Production Office
15225 Weddington Street
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

For questions, please contact the IPA at info@pressacademy.com or call our production office at (818) 989-1589. Our fax number is: (818) 787-3627.



To be eligible for SATELLITE™ Awards consideration, feature length films must be screened for the full active membership of the IPA, either by invitation to regular all-media screenings or at specially arranged screenings prior to the announced nominations consideration deadline. Appropriate screeners would also be helpful. Nominees are selected in 19 categories for film. Films must have been released in the U.S. between Jan. 1st and Dec. 31st of the qualifying year.


To be eligible for SATELLITE™ Awards consideration, the show/film/series must have aired within the year during January to December. There are 13 categories for TV Nominees. Series on DVD qualify in next category.


To be eligible for SATELLITE™ Awards consideration, the Video Game title must have been released within year from January to December. Manufacturer, platform, and country of origin must be included.