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Sebastian Junger Wins Satellite’s Humanitarian Award

images-1Award-winning journalist and filmmaker Sebastian Junger is being honored with the International Press Academy’s prestigious Humanitarian Award and will be presented with the award at the 19th Annual Satellite Awards at the ceremony on February 15, 2015.

Junger is the co-director of Academy Award-nominated documentary “Restrepo” and he directed “Korengal” this year. He also wrote books such as “The Perfect Storm,” “Fire” and “A Death in Belmont” and he won an Emmy for his coverage of the Afghanistan war.

Junger co-directed “Restrepo” with journalist Tim Hetherington, who is a previous Humanitarian Award winner. Hetherington was killed two years ago while covering the civil war in Libya.

“Tim and I had always envisioned this film project to unfold in two parts,” Junger says about “Korengal.”

“But when Tim was tragically killed, I was left on my own to finish the project. I think that many of the questions that have been asked by civilians over the years are answered in this film.”

“Korengal” picks up where “Restrepo” left off with the same men in the same valley, showing what it feels like and what it does to the young men who fight in it. It takes a step further into bringing the war into people’s living rooms.”

One of the subjects of the movies, Sgt. Aron Hijar accepted the award for Junger when “Restrepo” won Best Documentary Feature at the Satellite Awards in 2010. Sgt. Hijar also accepted the Humanitarian Award for Hetherington the next year.

“Tim made us feel good about what we were doing over there,” Sgt. Hijar said about the place in Afghanistan known as the most dangerous place on Earth. “He died doing what he loved to do.”

The Humanitarian Award has also been presented to director Benh Zeitlin (“Beasts of the Southern Wild”) and actress Connie Stevens. The Humanitarian Award is a specially-designated Satellite Award reflecting special achievement.

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The 19th Annual Satellite Awards will be presented by the International Press Academy on Sunday, January 15, 2015 at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City, Calif. For more information and a complete list of nominees, go to www.pressacademy.com.